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S-Bend Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor
December 3, 2019

Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor

Maximize Floor Space:

  • Constant inner radius no matter the belt width
  • Eliminate need for straight belt before and after the curve
  • Reduced Footprint

Enhance Conveyor Reliability:

  • Modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance
  • Lug-tooth style sprockets and positive drive system for better durability
  • Patent-pending symmetric drive design simplifies assembly and installation time

Increase Product Performance:

  • Maintain product orientation
  • Flat top construction
  • Eliminates catch points
  • Improves safety
  • Manages difficult to handle packages heavier loads and higher speeds

The Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor is designed to provide curved conveyance in small spaces while maximizing all available space. Utilizing Zero Tangent Radius Flat Top belting, this conveyor provides a constant inner radius no matter the belt width and eliminates the need for straight belt before and after the curve.

We designed this conveyor in such a way as to reduce maintenance and costs, while eliminating belts mis-tracking. The flat top construction of the belt eliminates catch points in the conveyor, improves safety, and manages difficult to handle packages, heavier loads, and higher speeds.

Each Zero-Tangent Radius Conveyor is custom made to your requirements and specifications and meet all sanitary equipment design principles, so they are easy to clean.



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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Key Performance Data:

Load capacity:                       10 to 50kg/Mtr.
Conveying speed :               10-40m/min.
Ambient temperature:        0°C~40°C
Ambient humidity:              ≤90% (without condensation)
Belt:                                         Zero Contact Side Flex Modular
Drive:                                      AC380-415V/3PH/50Hz

Technical Data:

Belt Width:                        400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
Min. Radius:                    800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
Max. Radius:                   Min. Radius+Belt Width
Height:                              700±50 mm
Side Guide:                      Customize

Designed by : Sondiva Technologies