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Door Handling Manipulator
August 11, 2018
Inclined Belt Conveyor
September 10, 2018

PVC Belt Conveyor

Safety Feature In Belt Conveyor System:-

⇒ Pull Cord Switch Provided on Both Side

⇒ Emergency Stop Switch on Both Side.

⇒ Isolator Switch For All Drive .

⇒ All Moving Parts Properly Covered With MS Cover.

⇒ Chain & Sprocket Covered with See Through MS Net / Acrylic Cover.

⇒ 90° Deg. Jam Sensors  & Smooth Transfer.

⇒ Inline Conveyor to Conveyor Transfer plate.

⇒ Conveyor Stop End Sensors , At End UHMW Pad Is Mounted with <3mm Gap.

⇒ Energy Saving Mode-Sensors provided to Activate Energy Saving Mode.

⇒ All Motors IP-55  & Thermal Insulation Class 155 F Class.

⇒ Nylon Sq Net Mounted on Both Side of Conveyor.

⇒ Waring Tower light & hooters.



Belt conveyor systems are the most commonly used conveying equipment and is used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces as well as loose materials that need to be conveyed from Point A to Point B, at a certain speed. A belt conveyor consists of a metal frame with rollers at either end of a flat metal bed, with a continuous loop of conveyor belt which rotates about these pulleys. One of these pulleys are powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward. The powered pulley is called the drive pulley while the un-powered pulley is called the idler pulley.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Length of Conveyor 3500 mm to 25000 mm
Width of Conveyor( Useable) 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
Height of Conveyor 700   +/- 50 mm to 2300 mm
Speed of Conveyor 18 to 30 Mtr/min. Variable By VFD
Conveyor type Flat Bed Belt Type
Drive & Take-up Unit in PVC Belt Conveyor Centre Mounted Dive & Take up Unit  on Belt Return loop
Drive Unit For Conveyor Brand SEW Make , DIBE Series  , IE-2, S1
Drive Unit Rating in PVC Belt Conveyor 0.75 Kw , 1.5 Kw , 2.2 KW  As per Length of CV, AC Geared Motor
In line Helical ( Solid Shaft & Flange Mounted )
Weight of Product 55 kg .Max
Equipment working 8hours / 3shift
Loading capacity (kg/mtr.) 75 to 125  Kg / Mtr Max
Synthetic PVC Belt Brand Ammeraal Beltech / Forbo / Derco / Movex
Belt Specification Flexam EM 10/2 0+15 Green AS FG, 2 Ply, 3 mm Thickness,
Flexam PVC ,Top Smooth, Bottom – Polyester Bare Fabric
Belt Conveyor Head & Tail Drum Diameter Head & Tail Drum Dia will be 80 mm.
Belt  Take up Roller m Dia Take up Unit  Drum Dia will be 60 mm.
Belt Conveyor Drive Unit Drum Dia Drive Unit Drum Dia will be 120 mm.
Belt Conveyor Carrier & return
Guide Roller Specification
Interroll Make , Dia 60 mm , Top Carrier Roller Mounting Pitch 450 mm ,
Return Roller Mounting Pitch 1200 mm
Flange Bearing Size UCP208-D1_40 ( ID 40 mm)
Flange Bearing , Bearing  Make SKF / NTN
Drive Chain & Sprockets TIDC
Transfer Plate Brand Uncease
Conveyor Belt mounting Channel Made in CRC Sheet ,Shape C type , Cutting On CNC Laser  &
Bending on CNC Machine , Dimension 200mm x 40 mmx 3 mm Thk
Conveyor Frame / H Legs Section Made in CRC Sheet ,Shape C type , Cutting On CNC Laser  &
Bending on CNC Machine , Dimension 100mm x 40 mmx 3 mm Thk
Conveyor belt sliding bed – Type Made in GI Sheet of 1.6 mm Thk ,Install through the c/v length,
Cutting On CNC Laser  & Bending on CNC
Side Guide Made in GI Sheet of 1.6 mm Thk ,Install through the c/v length,
Cutting On CNC Laser  & Bending on CNC
Surface Treatment on All Shaft & Machined Parts All Machined Parts & Shafts will be Zinc Plated
Surface Treatment on Main Frame & MS Structure All MS Structure will be Shot Blasted &  Powder Coated.
Applications  Auto parts, Sorting, Separating Plastic, Metals, Inspection,
Assembly lines, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse