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Skate Wheel Conveyor
September 10, 2018
Pallet Storage Conveyor
September 10, 2018

Ball Transfer Conveyor


  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable type
  • Drum roller suits for roller conveyor
  • Modular construction
  • Light & Heavy duty applications



  • Car Bumpers
  • Beverages
  • Para-metrical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food processing

The ball transfer conveyor is used when products need to be manually rotated or correctly positioned, such as a work station or other operation that requires easy handling of the product. The directional features of ball units provide economical solution to even the most complicated applications.

Standard Specification:

Load capacity : 10Kgs to 1000Kgs
Length : 500mm increments up to req.
Frame : MS/SS Formed sheet
Supports : MS/SS formed sheet, Aluminum extrusions.
Assembly : Welded, Modular
Color Finish : Powder coat, Paint as RAL spec.
Load capacity : Up to 800 kgs