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To provide products of the finest quality, the Uncease Group invest in machines and technologies in its manufacturing.


Uncease Group believes that if you want to build a sustainable reputation, you must begin are strong, and which endure.


With 18 years at the fore front of industry in India, the Uncease Group is today broadly diversified in automation.

MANY REASONS TO CHOOSE UNCEASE With the customer's object and handling in focus, we create a complete ergonomic lifting solution that both improves the working environment and increases productivity.


The Uncease Group

With 18 years at the fore front of industry in India, the Uncease Group is today broadly diversified in several growth industries that cover automobile, food & beverages,packing, light & Heavy engineering,Steel Plant and consultancy..

The Uncease Group, despite a humble beginning in 2002, is one of the fastest growing professionally owned enterprises in India and in the global arena. The journey from a being a India’s most trusted manufacturing house to a diversified conglomerate is fast, yet memorable. Today, the Uncease group business portfolio is a diverse, yet profitable assortment of Automation, Packing Industries. Its growth has been organic leading to a synergy among its business units, making them more productive and competitive together..

Our mission is Value Creation in every business area we operate. Excellence is an assurance at Uncease Group as we deliver innovation and comprehend global standards


ASRS System

Automated Storage and Retrieval System is a strategic solution to obtain a competitive advantage. Uncease’s flexible Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) ensure the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future.

AGV Laser Guided

Automated Guided Vehicles are used to consistently and predictably transport loads of material to places that might otherwise be serviced by fork lift trucks, conveyors, or manual cart transport.


<b>Accumulation Roller Conveyor</b>

Accumulation Roller Conveyor

<H5>Powerised Roller Conveyor</H5>

Powerised Roller Conveyor

<b>Gravity Roller Conveyor</b>

Gravity Roller Conveyor

<b>Overhead Roller Conveyor</b>

Overhead Roller Conveyor

<b>PVC Synthetic Belt Conveyor</b>

PVC Synthetic Belt Conveyor

<b>Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor (Straight)</b>

Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor (Straight)

<b>Side-Flexing Modular Belt Conveyor</b>

Side-Flexing Modular Belt Conveyor

<b>zero Tangent Radius Conveyor    (90 Degree)</b>

Zero Tangent Radius Conveyor (90 Degree)

<b>Automatic Guided Vehicle</b>

Automated Guided Vehicle(0.5Ton)

<b>Automated Guided Vehicle (1 Ton)</b>

Automated Guided Vehicle (1 Ton)

<b>Automated Guided Vehicle (5 Ton)</b>

Automated Guided Vehicle (5 Ton)

<b>Rail Guided Vehicle</b>

Rail Guided Vehicle

<b>High Speed Shoe Sorter</b>

High Speed Shoe Sorter

<b>Cross Belt Sorter</b>

Cross Belt Sorter

<b>Swing Arm Sorter</b>

Swing Arm Sorter

<b>Swivel Wheel Sorter</b>

Swivel Wheel Sorter

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