Quality & Design

Outstanding customer service, exceptional quality and unsurpassed flexibility form the foundation of our entire manufacturing process. We listen to your needs, develop cost-effective solutions, and handle production expediently so that you get the package you want, when you want it. Each department in our company and every aspect of production is structured to facilitate prompt response

Our professional sales and design team utilizes extensive industry experience in delivering successful solutions, quickly and efficiently. Expert design technicians in our graphics department work hand-in-hand with our customers to maximize the color and graphic impact of their package, then skillfully oversee the pre-production process to eliminate potential problems before they arise.

We closely monitor quality during each step of the manufacturing process, from receipt of raw materials to final delivery. Production delays of any sort are immediately addressed and our staff makes solutions a priority. The long term relationships we maintain with key suppliers ensure swift and attentive support. We continually upgrade our facilities with latest equipment and state-of-the-art production techniques in order to improve quality and reduce turnaround time. No order is too large or too small. We can handle orders of any size with minimum lead time. As experts in just-in-time delivery programs, we can help you minimize your inventory and warehouse space investments with customized inventory programs.