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Self Load Carrying AGV-100Kgs
December 5, 2018
EMS Carrier Trolley
December 5, 2018

Self Load Carrying AGV-200Kgs

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are designed to perform their operations without direct human guidance. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and can be laser, inertially, or Cartesian-guided. An automatic guided vehicle system (AGVS) consists of one or more computer-controlled wheel based load carriers (normally battery-powered) that runs on the plant floor (or, if outdoors, on a paved area) without the need for an onboard operator or driver.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Technical Specification:
Payload 200kg -440lbs
Towing Capacity 500kg – 1102lbs
Precision +/-50mm – +/-2″ from reference point
Max Speed Forwards +/-10mm – +/-” to docking maker
Max Speed Backword 1.1m/s -3.6ft/s
Range 10 hours or 20km – 12.5ml
Weight 62.5kg – 138lbs
Battery Charging 0 -80%: 2 Hours
Cummunication Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ehternet and PLC
Safety Comply with EN1525 regulations, SICK safety lasers
Certification CE Certified
Approved ESD Approved