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Powerized Roller Conveyor
September 25, 2018
Slat Chain Conveyor
December 1, 2018

Roller Conveyor

  Modular design

 Easy to re-arrange / modify layout

 Low maintenance


Roller Conveyor:

From incoming goods to warehousing and from warehousing to production lines and for transferring finished product back to warehouse, roller conveyors are dependable material handling system. Curve, straight path, gravity, carousel, powered and non-powered. All these varieties can be integrated to form a composite layout. In addition separators, diverters, Lift stations, pop ups, stoppers can be integrated due to the modular construction. The frame structures can be customized for variable loads and can be offered in painted, powder quoted, galvanized steel. For special applications stainless steel is also used. A range of accessories like extensions, side guides, safety covers, sensor mountings etc. is available and can be adapted / customized as per application. Roller conveyors can be gravity powered power & free with various option like chain drive, belt drive, variable speed drive and motor roller.