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Industrial production

Industrial Production

Industrial production includes a large number of applications; These range from the automotive and tire industry, to steel manufacturing or metalworking, as well as areas like industrialized and customized mechanical engineering, the chemical or recycling industries. Uncease conveyor and processing belts, plastic modular belts and high-efficiency flat belts stand for reliability and efficiency. They can easily handle the key functions in all industries mentioned. In the wide range of manufactured equipment includes electric and pneumatic manipulators, allowing on the manipulation of the system 2, 3 or 4-axle. Large group are gate manipulators, which allow for more optimal use of space production hall. The basic building blocks of such a manipulator is a gantry frame, which linearly moves the truck with a suitably selected gripper. This type of manipulators allows for the execution of tasks over long distances, allowing you to work even at several positions in the form of organized manufacturing flexible production cell. To drives of manipulator we are using conventional asynchronous motors with precision gearboxes and where required is high speed and high dynamics work, drive is realized by servo drives.

Manipulators are designed for:


Increase Productivity


Low Manpower

Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas