The Uncease Group

The Uncease Group, despite a humble beginning in 2001, is one of the fastest growing professionally owned enterprises in India and in the global arena.
The journey from a being a India’s most trusted trading house to a diversified conglomerate is fast, yet memorable. Today, the Uncease group business portfolio is a diverse, yet profitable assortment of Automation, Packing Industries.
Its growth has been organic leading to a synergy among its business units, making them more productive and competitive together.


Company Profile

The Uncease Group

With 10 years at the fore front of industry in India, the Uncease Group is today broadly diversified in several growth industries that cover automobile, food & beverages,packing, light & Heavy engineering,Steel Plant and consultancy..

Team & Management

Unceasegroup has a unique distinction of one of the largest experienced Automation & Robotics Solution Team, Design, Team, Manufacturing Team , Commissioning Team , & after Sales Service Team..

Vision & Mission

We think innovatively in all aspects of the business, from technological to commercial. To be intensely competitive in whatever we do, by constantly bettering the benchmarks set by us. all our associates through constant innovation and adoption ..

Company Structure

  • Formal 3-tiered Governance structure.
    • Board of Directors
    • Corporate Management Committee